Fathom's Leadership Principles form the basis of our personal leadership approach & philosophy. They also inform the content of our personal leadership programmes, workshops, and courses

Fathom's Leadership Principles & Philosophy only offer a single perspective or way of looking at the world. They are intended to be a catalyst or jumping-off point for your own, unique personal leadership journey. Fathom's goal is to engage, energise and empower, not to preach and teach.

You'll find the ten primary Fathom Leadership Principles below. They reflect Fathom's core values of courage, commitment, creativity, consistency and compassion.

If you find that Fathom's principles don't resonate with you, then hopefully you can use that awareness as a trigger to help you define some that do. Either consciously or subconsciously, everyone lives by a set of principles. So, if you decide to say 'No' to Fathom's principles, then consider which principles you choose to say 'Yes' to instead? Ask yourself: 'What are the Personal Leadership Principles that I choose to live by and adopt?'

Fathom Leadership Development Principle 1

Let Go Of The Past & Optimise The Future

Learn from what has been, and let go of any regret, guilt or shame associated with past events. Take time to appreciate where you are now and to optimise what comes next. 

Principle 02-01.png

Don't Disappear Down The Rabbit Hole

You can't always choose your thoughts and emotions, but you can take a step back, notice, manage & process them, rather than letting them spiral out of control.

Fathom Leadership Development Principle 3

Balance Self-Care

Service To Others

Take time to look after and serve your own needs, so that you can be at your best when the time comes to look after and be of service to others.

Fathom Leadership Development Principle 4

Be A Friend To Your Future Self

The decisions you make and actions you take today will either benefit or harm your future self. You're writing your own history each and every day, so be sure to give gifts not curses.

Fathom Leadership Development Principle 5

Choose Courage Over Comfort

Growth, progress & development are only possible when you have the courage to step into your stretch zone. Choose to spend more time there.

Fathom Leadership Development Principle 6

Act With Intention & Make An Impact

When you feel the urge to act, first consider your desired outcome & how it can be achieved. Notice if the impact you have is as intended, before deciding how to act next.

Fathom Leadership Development Principle 7

Choose A Direction & Commit To A Plan

Identify the direction in which you want your life to head, create a plan and start the journey. You can always change the destination along the way.

Fathom Leadership Development Principle 8

Create & Take Opportunities

Proactively create opportunities that serve you in achieving your goals and vision, whilst noticing and seizing others that keep you moving in the right direction.

Fathom Leadership Development Principle 9

Balance Purpose, Presence & Pursuit

Enjoy the gratitude, appreciation & satisfaction of Presence. Embrace the anticipation, excitement & rewards of Pursuit. Experience the meaning, fulfilment & impact of Purpose.

Fathom Leadership Development Principle 10

Become 1% Better Each & Every Day

Take steps to become a bit better at what you choose to do each & every day. The cumulative effect will deliver exponential results and improvements in your life.



In Module 01 of the Fathom Leadership Programme, you'll assess and evaluate the ten Fathom Leadership Principles, before defining your own personal leadership principles and philosophy.


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