Fathom is an online learning and development platform dedicated to the practice and development of personal leadership skills

We empower executives, professionals and entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and tools to take full responsibility for developing their own personal leadership philosophy and style.

Fathom's approach is based on the ideas, research and personal leadership philosophy of professional coach, Dan Ford. By sharing his personal leadership concepts, models and tools through Fathom, Dan hopes to create a platform and community that will engage, inspire and energise others to proactively define and adopt their own personal leadership philosophy and style. 



At Fathom, we humbly acknowledge that we don't have all the answers when it comes to personal leadership development. The reality is that there are no 'right' answers, as everyone's approach and style is going to be different. So, we're not here to preach and teach an ideology. Instead, our goal is to engage, energise, encourage and empower you with some knowledge, tools and skills to help you discover and define the approach that works for you.


We want to give you the courage and confidence to take full responsibility for invoking lasting transformation in your life, so you can fulfil your potential and become your best self.

This mission or purpose is founded in Fathom's core values of courage, compassion, commitment, consistency, curiosity and creativity.



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Our personal leadership development programmes, courses and workshops combine elements of positive psychology, western & eastern philosophy, developmental coaching and neuroscience to deliver measurable results and outcomes. Learn more about each concept below.



Positive Psychology identifies what is working, rather than what isn’t. It prioritises building on strengths rather than weaknesses. It focuses on developing opportunities rather than reducing threats and fixing what's broken.

Through the use of positive psychology principles, Fathom's personal leadership development workshops and programmes enable you to fulfil your potential and become your best self, by accentuating the positive rather than the negative. Here are some key benefits:

Increase Self-Acceptance & Improve Self-Esteem

Identify Key Personal Strengths & Values

Improve & Enhance Clarity, Focus & Motivation

Increase Resilience, Self-Belief & Confidence



Fathom's concepts, models, and tools are influenced by ancient and modern philosophers, including those associated with stoicism, taoism, phenomenology, existentialism, constructivism, and humanism.


The fundamental premise of Fathom's approach is that the adoption of a personal leadership philosophy is key to living a fulfilling life. This premise builds upon three key concepts of the Socratic tradition:

Individuals Can Know Themselves & Their Values

Individuals Can Change Themselves & Their Beliefs

Individuals Can Adopt New Habits & Behaviours 



Developmental Coaching is a holistic approach that focuses on the identification of key growth, learning and development opportunities, alongside the definition of goals and actions to serve and progress the development process. Fathom's coaches act as thought and support partners, helping you to develop your competencies & capabilities, so you can achieve your most ambitious goals.

This approach is particularly effective for addressing longstanding issues and helpful for people who feel like they’re treading water, stuck in a rut or trapped in their current situation. Key benefits include

Identify Growth & Development Opportunities

Develop New Skills & Knowledge Areas

Develop New Competencies & Capabilities

Pursue New Challenges & Adventures



Fathom's approach to personal leadership development and performance coaching has been developed with close reference to neuroscience. In particular, focus has been placed on understanding the powerful role that neurotransmitters, neuromodulators and hormones play in affecting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Fathom's models and tools are underpinned by this knowledge of neuroscience and have been designed to help you actively improve your performance in everyday life. Here are some of the key benefits:

Access The Powerful Motivation Of Reward Circuits

Effectively Manage Stress & Anxiety 

Achieve & Maintain A stronger Sense Of Fulfilment

Improve Rational Decision Making



Foundations is a six-part online programme that provides a comprehensive introduction to the key concepts and components of the Fathom Leadership Model™. The course combines clear and concise video tutorials, interactive assessments and online tools & resources, to give you everything you need to kickstart your personal leadership development journey. Click the button below to learn more.

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